The Miami Dolphins Are Three Games Out From Making The Playoffs

The Miami Dolphins are so bad, they can’t even get tanking right.

The team headed into this season with the intentions of essentially trading as many good players away as possible in order to accumulate the highest amount of draft picks heading into the upcoming drafts. The icing on the cake would be the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft, but it looks like that may be out of reach at this point thanks to the horrid Cincinnati Bengals.

Beating the Jets and Colts, the ‘Phins are coming off two straight wins, the longest winning streak in the AFC East, (a division that yes, includes the Patriots) on the back of quality Ryan Fitzpatrick starts in place of Josh Rosen.

The 2-7 record not only is an improvement on the winless season that it appeared as if the Dolphins were headed towards, Miami is in fact only two games out of a Wild Card spot.


Granted, the Dolphins would have to keep on winning, and would need a few teams to lose to help out Miami’s cause, but that fact that the Dolphins have gone from contenders to rivaling the 2008 Detroit Lions only 0-16 season in league history to contending for a playoff spot is nothing short of hilarious.