Executive Of NFL Team Calls Colin Kaepernick’s Arm Talent “Elite” Following Workout

Colin Kaepernick showed what he has to offer Saturday in Atlanta during a workout for NFL scouts in hopes of returning to the league after three years without a team.

The former 49ers QB completed about a half hour long display of scripted passes on a high school field before a hand full of team personnel from around the league.

25 teams were originally scheduled to attend, but when Kaepernick and his camp opted to move the site from the Atlanta Falcons practice facility where it was originally set to take place, only a few followed to the new location. Kaepernick stated that the league wouldn’t allow media to attend the workout therefore not allowing full transparency.

Kaepernick looked decent during the drills, off target with a few throws, but also chucking some impressive ones including a couple of deep balls right on the money.

One executive even went as far as calling Kaepernick’s arm talent “elite” after watching the drills.