Refs Once Again Screw Patriots Out Of Touchdown With Absolutely Awful Call

(Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Any jokes about the refs helping the Patriots can now be put to rest..

In the third quarter of Sunday night’s pivotal Chiefs-Patriots game, referees screwed New England out of a touchdown by ruling Kansas City TE Travis Kelce down after a fumble that would have been a scoop-and-score for the Chiefs.

Minutes later, Patriots WR N’Keary Harry caught a pass along the right sideline and turned it up field, stretching for a score. After initially being ruled a touchdown, the officiating crew convened and overturned their own call, saying Harry was down prior to the goal line.

Without the scoring play being simply left a touchdown called on the field and having it automatically being reviewed as all scoring plays do, officials spotted the ball short of the end zone.

The Patriots were out of challenges to force a review, having to live with a fact that the refs wiped a touchdown off the board and the ball at the 3-yard line.

New England were stopped on the ensuing three plays and had to settle for a field goal.