Bill Polian Didn’t Vote For Lamar Jackson For NFL All-Pro Team This Season

The entire NFL, hell, even the Ravens, were wrong on Lamar Jackson.

The soon-to-be 2019 NFL MVP was passed over by every single team, including once by his own during the 2017 Draft, and Bill Polian is now the face of the group of men paid millions to evaluate talent, and yet somehow failed in every way.

The Hall of Fame General Manager infamously insisted that Lamar Jackson should be a WR in the NFL, not a quarterback prior to that draft. Keep in mind, this is even after Jackson took home the Heisman Trophy, playing quarterback.

It seems like grumpy ole Bill hasn’t learned.


After putting up one of the most prolific seasons by any player ever at the quarterback position, the Ravens quarterback somehow only landed 47 of the 50 votes for the Associated Press All-Pro team.

The three naysayers opted for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, who, don’t get us wrong, had himself another fantastic season, but not nearly as impressive as Jackson’s.

Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller, two of the three who voted Wilson, are employees of SirisusXM, with Polian having appeared on shows of the station numerous times (ProFootballTalk).