A Mic’d Up Patrick Mahomes Delivers An Emotional Speech To His Teammates During Game vs Texans

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s NFL playoffs have been filled with crazy upsets and during the first quarter of Sunday’s AFC Divisional game between the Texans and Chiefs, many thought we were in store for another upset.

After the Texans went up 24-0 in the opening 20 minutes of the game, Mahomes and the Chiefs offense went on an inside scoring run to close out the half and ended up taking a 28-24 lead into the locker room.

The turnaround in large part was due to Mahomes being incredible but it was this fiery speech he gave his teammates on the sidelines that helped turn things around:

Mahomes said:

“They’re playing man coverage. If we catch the ball and make one person miss, it’s touchdown. Let’s do something special. Let’s do something special. They’re already counting us the (expletive) out. One play at a time. Do something special.”

The Chiefs went on a 51-7 run after that pep talk, scoring touchdowns on seven straight possessions.

Kansas City will host the Titans in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.