ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Says Lamar Jackson Is The 5th Best QB Since 2018 Draft Class

Dan Orlovsky is most known for infamously running out of the back of his own end zone by accident during a game where he was quarterbacking the Detroit Lions. This may top that.

The ESPN Analyst appeared on Get Up! this week and gave one of the most controversial takes you’ll have ever seen in giving his top five QB prospects from the 2018 draft on.

The reining MVP sits at fifth, while Sam Darnold, who is arguably the fourth best QB out of his own draft class, is sitting in the top spot.


Keep in mind, Orlovsky doesn’t mean that Darnold is currently better than Lamar, but in saying what he did, infers that Darnold will surely go on have a better career than Jackson, who already has the title of best player in the NFL for an entire year under his belt.