Earl Thomas’ Wife Caught Earl And His Brother Both Naked In Bed With Alleged Mistress

This story keeps getting more and more bizarre.

On Wednesday, TMZ dropped a crazy story involving Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas being held at gun point by his wife, Nina after she caught him cheating.

Details are beginning to emerge of the alleged incident and the most bizarre part of the story is not only did Thomas’ wife Nina catch her husband naked in bed with the mistress, she also caught another person, as well.

The other person was Earl Thomas’ brother, Seth.


Per the report:

When the women arrived at the house, they “discovered Earl and Seth naked in bed with other women.”

That’s when Nina admits she pulled out the gun and put it to Earl’s head — stating “that she took out the magazine thinking that the gun could not fire.” But, cops say Nina was “unaware that the gun had a round in the chamber.”

This is wild!