Jets Owner/Trump Advisor Woody Johnson Under Investigation For Racist & Sexist Comments

In the age of cancel culture, Woody Johnson could be the next victim.

The New York Jets owner and Donald Trump advisor to the United Kingdom is reportedly under investigation by the Office of Inspector General after alleged repeated incidents of racist and sexist language during his time as owner and ambassador.

According to a CNN report, Johnson “made racist generalizations about Black men” as well as questioned why there is a need for Black History Month. The report also accused Johnson of making “cringeworthy” comments about women.

The New York Times also reported that Johnson made racist and sexist comments as well as inappropriately using his power by pushing to have the British Open golf tournament played at one of President Trump’s resorts in Scotland. 

The 73-year-old left the Jets, which he’s owned since 2020, in order to serve as advisor to President Trump in 2017. Christopher Johnson, Woody’s younger brother was put in charge in Woody’s absence.  

From CNN

“In 2018, ahead of an event for Black History Month — commonly marked at US embassies around the world — Johnson appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people,” according to one source.

Three sources said Johnson questioned why the Black community would want a separate month to celebrate Black history and argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the “real challenge.” One source said an official who heard the remarks was “stunned” and that the incident was documented and made known to both the OIG inspectors and a supervisor.”

Beyond the racist comments, Johnson is accused of “described women in offensive and diminishing ways” and hosting official gatherings where women diplomats were not allowed to attend.

The CNN report also mentioned, “Johnson would start his remarks by quipping about how many pretty women were present.”

Johnson would reportedly also comment on the way women in the embassy were dressed and that it was difficult to get Johnson to commit to supporting an event for International Women’s Day. 

“One source said he asked why he had to do a feminist event.”

The Jets owner is already seeing pushback from his players, with star safety Jamal Adams writing on Twitter: “We need the RIGHT people at the top. Wrong is wrong!”