Packers Fined $300k For COVID Violations Related To Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers, Lazard Fined $15k Each

The NFL has laid down punishment for the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers contracted COVID-19 last week, forcing him to miss Sunday’s Week 9 game against the Chiefs. While getting COVID is nothing worthy of a fine, what was revealed forced the NFL to hand down punishment.

While it was announced Rodgers had the virus, it was also revealed that the Packers QB did not have the vaccine, despite inferring to reporters that he did while asked about it prior to the season during a press conference.

While also not having the vaccine is not worthy of a fine, Rodgers had appeared to, in conjunction with the team, bypass league protocols related to what a player can do and can’t do if he doesn’t have the shot.


The league issued a $300,000 fine to the team and also fined Rodgers and WR Allen Lazard nearly $15,000 each.