Judge Ordered Henry Ruggs Back To Las Vegas Court After Missed Alcohol Test

A Las Vegas judge has ordered Henry Ruggs III to appear in court on Monday after learning he missed a required alcohol test while on house arrest following a fatal crash earlier this month.

The ex-Raiders receiver’s lawyer told Judge Suzan Baucum that he “self-tested” negative shortly after missing a call for a breath test last weekend. A note posted later in the court records showed that Ruggs missed a test at 4:41 p.m. Saturday and that he completed a “client-initiated remote breath test” at 6:28 p.m.

He’s currently free on $150,000 bail, and could face a return to jail. He is required to have four-times-a-day alcohol checks while facing felony DUI charges that carry mandatory prison time.

A judge who set his bail at $150,000 warned Ruggs directly that if he didn’t comply with release restrictions, he faced re-arrest.


He is currently under home confinement and is also required to respond to a telephone or text signal by blowing into a device that checks his blood alcohol content.