Tampa Bay Buccaneers Release Statement Regarding Antonio Brown’s For ‘Misrepresenting Vaccination Status’

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of the first NFL teams to announced that they had achieved 100 percent vaccination Statius for their entire roster over the summer.

At least that’s what they thought.

On Thursday, it was announced that the National Football League would be suspended wide receiver Antonio Brown and safety Mike Edwards three games for falsifying their vaccination status.

Following the announcement of the suspensions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released this statement regarding the matter:

For the time being, Brown and Edwards are still with the team, but that could certainly change over the coming hours or days. 

It would not shock us at all if the Bucs decided to cut both players for lying. This is clearly an issue that the league and the NFLPA both agree should be taken seriously, and you’d have to think that the players in the Bucs’ locker room (especially Tom Brady) won’t being lied to by their teammates about a serious health matter that affects them all.