Active NFL Players Aren’t Going On ESPN’s ManningCast Because Of ‘ManningCast Curse’

As it turns out, the vasty majority of NFL Players are indeed superstitious.

From week one through eight of the 2021 NFL season, ESPN’s new ‘ManningCast’ on Monday Night Football featured six different active players as guests. All six of those players’ teams went on to lose their ensuing game the following week. So, to absolutely no surprise, Peyton and Eli Manning have been having a tougher time getting active players to come on the show.

In fact, not a single active player has appeared on the ManningCast for three straight shows now, as tonight’s game between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots will see David Letterman, Joe Buck and Aqib Talib appearing as guests.

Week one saw Russell Wilson and Travis Kelce appear on the broadcast. The following week, the Seahawks and Chiefs lost to the Titans and Ravens, respectively.

Week two was Rob Gronkowski’s turn. His Buccaneers lost in week three to the Rams, 34-24.

Next up was Matthew Stafford, whose Rams went on to fall to the Cardinals the following week, 37-20.

After a little hiatus, the ManningCast returned in week 7, with Tom Brady as a guest. In week 8, Brady’s Bucs became the ManningCast’s first double-victim, losing to the Saints by a score of 36-27.

Week 8 was the final straw, as Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen appeared on the show, then proceeded to drop the following week’s game to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That’s when you knew the curse was real.