Antonio Brown May Sue Bucs For Defamation They Offered Him $200,000 In Mental Health Treatment

Anyone with a pair of eyes and a high school education would take one look at Antonio Brown and his actions over the course of the past few years and come to the thought that something upstairs isn’t quite right.

The Bucs WR was released by the team following his infamous parade of the field in the middle of the third quarter vs the Jets earlier this season, and Brown’s been on a media tour ever since.

Brown appeared on HBO’s Real Sports Tuesday night with his lawyer by his side to be interviewed and give his side of the story, where he mentioned that the Buccaneers offered him $200,000 for specialized mental health treatment. Not only did Brown turn it down, he may now file a deformation lawsuit against the team for doing so.

During an interview on the Full Send podcast days after Brown’s final game, he was asked about the possibility of him having CTE, which Brown shook his head at, stating that CTE can’t be diagnosed until after death and turned down the notion that warning signs can be evident.