Washington Commanders Reportedly Called Kansas City Chiefs About A Patrick Mahomes Trade

The Washington Commanders are desperate to find themselves a quarterback and will do anything and everything it takes to find one.

Including giving a call to the Kansas City Chiefs to see if there’s any chance Patrick Mahomes could be available in a trade.

According to a report from ESPN, the Washington Commanders called every NFL team about a trade for their quarterback – including the Chiefs and Mahomes.

KansasCity.com had more details:

There was one sentence that caught the eye of Chiefs fans.

After detailing the struggles of the past four seasons, Keim wrote: “All of this is why, according to a source, Washington has reached out to every team to inquire about a quarterback’s availability and the cost. The team started its search with a list of 42 quarterbacks.”

Yes, all 31 teams were contacted, which means someone in Washington placed a call to the Chiefs to ask about Patrick Mahomes. On Twitter, Chiefs fans (and others, including at least one Washington supporter) had a fun time trying to imagine that conversation. Here are some of the humorous tweets about that subject.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera admitted that his team is in need of a veteran quarterback, but it obviously won’t be Mahomes.