Baker Mayfield Requests Trade, Browns Say They Won’t Accommodate Him

The Baker Mayfield/Cleveland Browns situation is going about just about how everyone expected it to go with how it started to unfold.

Cleveland reportedly entered this offseason with aspirations of landing one of the big notable QBs likely to be moved in Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers and in doing so, pissed off Baker Mayfield, and understandably so.

Not only did the meetings with other QBs irk Baker, but the Browns reportedly had some harsh words about their signal caller, saying they wanted an “adult” at QB.

Failing to realize that not prized free-agent would willingly take their talents to Cleveland, the Browns burnt their bridges with Mayfield and now swinging and missing at all three, are sticking with quarterback who just requested a trade amid the whole situation.

The Browns will reportedly not accommodate his request.