Houston Texans Trade Deshaun Watson To The Cleveland Browns

Deshaun Watson went from being in the argument if he could overtake Patrick Mahomes as the face of the NFL to fans forgetting he was in the league.

The falloff was initiated when Houston attorney Tony Buzbee filed a lawsuit against the Houston Texans QB on March 16, claiming that his client, Ashley Solis, who owns and operates a massage therapist business from her home claimed it was “apparent that Watson wanted the massage for only one reason—sex,” describing how in one session he “purposefully touched the Plaintiff’s hand” with the tip of his penis.

In the days and weeks after, numerous other lawsuits were filed by what would end up being 23 accusers. The lawsuits sidelined the QB for the entirety of the 2021 season.

Watson was cleared of all charges last week, allowing NFL teams to comfortably reinitiate trade talks.

After talks seemed to all be leaning to Watson joining the Falcons, Watson has shockingly waived his no-trade clause to join the Cleveland Browns.

The Texans get 5 picks in return for their QB, including three first rounders, a third round pick and a fourth round pick.