REPORT: Steelers Interested In Baker Mayfield, “Will Pounce” On Him If He Gets Released

The interest for Baker Mayfield hasn’t quite panned out to what the Browns would have hoped now with Deshaun Watson and QB and Baker clearly someone who won’t be in orange and brown next season.

The team reportedly wants a first round pick back for Baker, a deal they most likely won’t get, and with the number of teams dwindling with holes at QB being filled, it’s not out of the question that they’ll find any trade partner for him, especially with the rest of the league knowing both parties want to part ways meaning little incentive to bid high.

During the latest episode of the “Orange and Brown Talk” podcast,’s Mary Kay Cabot discussed where Mayfield could end up this offseason, especially if he’s released, noting that Baker could stay in the AFC North as the Steelers would reportedly “pounce” on him barring a release.

“The Steelers will pounce on Baker Mayfield if he becomes available,” Cabot said. “Like if they cut him and he’s just out there, they would take him in a minute. And I’m sure a lot of people would.”

“If you can get him for nothing and the Browns have to eat that money, then certainly somebody would go grab him in that scenario,” Cabot added. “But short of that, I do think it’s going to be a situation where they have to hope somebody desperately needs a starting quarterback.”