REPORT: Two Other Coaches Expected To Join Brian Flores Lawsuit With Two Other Teams Being Implicated

Back on February 1, former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL, alleging racism in the league’s hiring process, as well as the pay and retention of black coaches.

Now, things appear to be getting worse for the NFL, as two more coaches are expected to join Flores’ suit.

“Two other coaches are expected to join Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the league,” ESPN’s Brooke Pryor reported. “Two other teams are expected to be implicated, extending all the way up to the ownership level.”

The additional plaintiffs will reportedly allege bias on the part of team’s for failing to be hired for head jobs. These allegations are said to be aimed at the owners of the respective clubs.


The two teams in question have yet to be named, but that information could be coming in short order. The original lawsuit levied claims against the Dolphins, Broncos and Giants.