NFL Fans Have A Wild Conspiracy Theory On Why Tom Brady Took A Leave From Buccaneers

Everyone keeps wondering why Tom Brady took a leave from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of the training camp and one wild conspiracy theory has emerged.

The theory is being floated on Reddit and it alleges that Brady took time away from the Bucs to film The Masked Singer.

It’s not an outlandish theory, I mean after all, Brady signed to an on-air personality with FOX Sports when his football career is over and the mystery singing show airs on .. you guessed it .. FOX.

The Redditor also brought up the fact that there’s a taping of the show on August 20. And there’s also the factor that Brady’s good friend and former teammate, Rob Gronkowski has been on the show, as has Terry Bradshaw, who also works for FOX Sports.

I’m all for Tom Brady being on Masked Singers.