Micah Parsons Explains Why Skipped Out On Appearance On FS1’s Undisputed! Following Week 1 Loss

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was scheduled to appear on FS1 on Tuesday to join Undisputed hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, but the second-year star never made it or gave a reason for his no-show.

Parsons already had equipment installed in his Dallas-area home to help make the appearance as easy as possible on him, but he still decided to not appear on the show.

Parsons spoke to the media on Wednesday and said that he didn’t think it was appropriate to be on the show after Dak Prescott got hurt.

Here’s the segment where the guys spoke about his absence:

Sharpe said he was still hopeful the 23-year-old, who did have two sacks of Tampa quarterback Tom Brady in the loss, would make an appearance.

“He’s a phenomenal player and to get his insight into what transpired the Sunday before would’ve been great for us. But, maybe he wants to focus on football,” Sharpe said. “Maybe the loss was more crushing to him than he thought it would be. I know it’s kind of difficult when you lose a ballgame. I know he thought they was going to be special this year, and they could still be special. I’m hopeful that after a couple weeks of them getting back to winning that he’d join us during the season, even if it’s not every week.”

Cowboys are hosting Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals in their Week two matchup.