Miami Dolphins Say They Haven’t Ruled Out Tua Tagovailoa Playing In Team’s Next Game

I don’t think anyone would blame Tua Tagovailoa for sitting out the rest of the season to allow whatever damage was done by what appeared to be two brutal concussions in the span of four days, but that won’t be happeninf.

Tagovailoa was released from a Cincinnati hospital a few hours after the injury and traveled home with his team.

When head coach Mike McDaniel was interviewed in his presser at the ’Phins facility on Friday, McDaniel noted that they haven’t ruled Tua Tagovailoa playing in the team’s upcoming Week 5 game.

Although backup Teddy Bridgewater will more than likely get the go, it’s almost comical that Miami hasn’t ruled out Tua for AT LEAST one week to get their QB right and you know, help in insuring the least about of brian damage can be at risk barring another hit.