Dan Snyder Selling The Washington Commanders Franchise

Washington football fans rejoice!

After decades of mismanagement, scandals, and fans clambering for their team’s owner to sell the time, Dan Snyder has retained BofA Securities to sell the Washington Commanders.

According to Front Office Sports, the sale could garner the highest price in sports history.

Synder first purchased the team in 1999 for $800 million from Jack Kent Cooke, at that time to most ever paid for a sports team.


Disregarding the terrible decisions on the football side of things, soon after began a series of slimy business decisions within the organization like selling ‘Pentagon Flag’ hats for a profit after 9/11 and selling bags of peanuts originally intended for distribution on Independence Air, an airline that went out a business a year prior. Snyder also filed one of his 125 lawsuits against season-ticket holders who were forced to default on their 10-year, $5,000 agreements after being hit hard by a two-year recession. They were sued for a total of $3.6 million.

In 2013, whispers about the Redskins name being offensive came to light, where Snyder noted that he would “NEVER” change the franchise’s name.

That same year, during an offseason trip to Costa Rica, Snyder’s associates forces the team’s cheerleaders to be male escorts and get naked in front of its patrons, with photos taken of their private parts.

Two years later in July of 2020, A Washington Post investigative report detailed the toxic masculinity rampant throughout the front office of the team, where 15 women accused former Redskins employees of sexual harassment. A slew of other accusations or workplace harassment would surface in the same year after the initial report was made public, including a report that the team paid a former employee who accused Snyder of sexual assault $1.6 million ten years prior.

Mounting pressure from fans and other team owners began closing in on Snyder this season, and Snyder fired back by hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on his fellow owners and league commissioner Roger Goodell, enough to take the NFL down, to use as blackmail if they forced him to sell the team.

It looks like he may have officially given in.