Commanders Player Admits There’s A ‘Dark Cloud’ Over Organization & Team Needs A ‘Fresh Start’

It must really suck being a Washington Commanders player right now.

The team is in the midst of turmoil surrounding their owner, Dan Snyder, who seems to find himself under a different investigation every week. That leaves coaches and players answering questions about scandals they are not a part of.

One particular player is speaking up and giving some insight on what’s it’s like.

Second-year corner Benjamin St-Juste admitted his tenure with the organization hasn’t exactly been what he would have wanted. He suggested the team needs a “fresh start.”


St-Juste isn’t wrong. Despite the team winning 3 of their last 4 games and finding themselves in the hunt for a playoff spot, the fanbase is constantly screaming chants directed at their owner and that’s with the stadium being nearly 40 to 50 percent full every week.