Rumors Swirling That Slovakian Blonde Bombshell Model Could Be Tom Brady’s New Girl

If there’s any guy on this planet able to upgrade from the most popular supermodel on the plant, leave it to Tom Brady.

Not too long after the Bucs QB and Gisele Bündchen filed for divorce, the new single former super model was seen on a family Costa Rican vacation with her former Jiu-Jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente. Well, it looks like Tom may have found a partner himself, and she’s, well, let’s say Tom Brady worthy.

While we have no official confirmation one way or another, those on the interwebs have been hurling around rumors that Brady is dating a woman by the name of Veronika Rajek.

Rajek, a 26-year-old Slovakian model, posted on her Instagram showing that she attended the Buccaneers MNF comeback win over the Saints, to which she wore a #12 jersey that appears to a game-issued one, not just one your average Joe would buy from the pro shop.


Brady was tagged in the post but it should be noted that Tom does not follow her. If Tom isn’t yet with her, her Instagram caption sure does allude that she wouldn’t mind it that way.

Rajek also posted a story showing her being driven around Tampa in what some think could be Brady’s new Hummer EV.

Here are some other pictures of the model.

These are just a few of what Veronika has to offer on her Instagram page, most of which was too scandalous to post on here.