QB Bryce Young Looks Tiny Standing Next To Other Players Walking Into NFL Combine

If there’s one lesson Bryce Young can take away from the first day at the NFL combine, it’s that he should not walk or stand next to anyone for the remainder of his week in Indianapolis.

The former Alabama quarterback and Heisman Trophy Winner is the presumed top draft pick, or at least the top QB off the board, but the only concern that is giving draft analysts and GMs worry is his size.

Young, who is listed at 5’10” will be officially measured once and for all during combine testing this week, but the eye test is not doing him any justice.

Young walked into the combine next to Michigan TE Luke Schoonmaker, who towered over him at 6’6″.


While that height is by no means short, Young’s offensive lineman in the NFL will be that size if not taller, and seeing overtop of them while remaining in the pocket for extended periods of time in times he can’t rely on his escapability like he did in college could serve as a red flag for some teams.