Chiefs’ Chris Jones Says He’s Willing To Hold Out Until The Middle Of Season If He Doesn’t Get New Contract

Chris Jones is very serious about getting a new contract.

The All-Pro defensive tackle indicated on social media that he’s wiling to continue his holdout from the Kansas City Chiefs until Week 8 and he’s totally fine with forfeiting his weekly game checks, which would account to about $1.1 million dollars because “I can afford it.”

Defensive tackle Chris Jones indicated on social media that he’s willing to continue his holdout from the Kansas City Chiefs until Week 8 and that until then he’s willing to forfeit his weekly game check, in his case about $1.1 million dollars, because “I can afford it.”

There hasn’t been any traction on the Chiefs getting a new contract done with their star defensive player and they don’t get a deal done, it sure seems likely that Jones is willing to drag this holdout into the regular season and if that happens, it could have an impact on the Chiefs attempt to repeat as Super Bowl champions.


Something’s gotta give here..