Chicago Bar Owner Had To Pay Huge “Free Drinks” Tab After Guaranteeing Bears Would Beat Broncos

A Chicago bar owner is down several thousands of dollars after the Bears suffered another loss, dropping their record to 0-4 on the season while extending their losing streak to 14 games.

Despite their last win coming nearly a year ago (Oct. 24th, 2022), Kris Jackson, the owner of the Claddagh Ring Pub near Winnemac Park in Chicago was so confident the Bears would beat the Denver Broncos, he offered to pick up the tab of all customers if they ended up losing.

Unfortunately for Kris, the Bears ended up losing, giving up 17 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, losing 31-28 which left Jackson with over $5,000 tabs, according to Block Club Chicago’s Alex V. Hernandez.

“The Bears are on such a bad losing streak. A lot of people kind of gave up and aren’t willing to waste their Sundays in a bar watching them. I thought it was a good idea to create a promotion to get customers to come back and watch the games,” Jackson explained.


Jackson didn’t rule out running a similar promotion like this again.