Colorado’s Deion Sanders On Michigan’s Sign-Stealing Scandal: “They Can Mail You Their Gameplan, You Still Gotta Stop It”

The sign-stealing scandal involving the Michigan Wolverines is the most-talked about topic in college football this week so it’s only fitting that the most-talked about coach in college football is asked about it.

Colorado’s Deion Sanders was asked about the scandal and didn’t seem overly concerned about the scandal.

“I don’t know how accurate that stuff is,” Coach Prime said. “I mean, everybody’s trying to get an edge. Everyone’s trying to get an edge wherever they can. You can have someone’s whole gameplan. They could mail it to you. You’ve still got to stop it.”

On Monday, Connor Stalions, who has ben at the forefront of the scandal was suspended by the school. ESPN’s Pete Thamel and Mark Schlabach reported Stalions bought tickets to 30 games featuring 11 Big Ten opponents over the past three seasons.


Stalions is accused of using those seats to have people illegally record hand signals, which is a violating of NCAA rules.

“The Big Ten conference considers the integrity of competition to be of the utmost importance. Due to the ongoing nature of the NCAA investigation, the conference has no comment at this time,” the Big Ten said in a statement.