Old Video Surfaces Of Deion Sanders Confronting Skip Bayless For Claiming Troy Aikman Is Homosexual

Skip Bayless has made a career of giving insane takes and having controversial opinions on various sports topics. He’s apparently been doing it for a long time.

Recently, an old video surfaced from the 1990s where Bayless and Pam Oliver were interviewing then Dallas Cowboys CB Deion Sanders. At the time, Bayless had wrote a book on the Cowboys and in it he mentions that quarterback Troy Aikman and head coach Barry Switzer were having a feud and Bayless had claimed that people within the Cowboys organization thought Aikman was gay.

Sanders and Pam Oliver came to Aikman’s defense confronting Bayless on including ‘speculation’ and ‘rumors’ in a book. At one point during the interview, Oliver steps in and says “Journalism 101, you do not print rumors.”

Here’s the clip:


Imagine if this conversation took place in today’s world?