Video Emerges Allegedly Showing Michigan Spy Conor Stalions Wearing Recording Glasses On CMU Sidelines

More damning evidence continues to emerge showing the lengths that Michigan staffer Conner Stalions went to steal opposing team’s signs during games.

Last week a report emerged that Central Michigan University was investigating a suspicious man that resembled Stalions on the Chippewas sideline during the game against Michigan State back in September. As more videos and photos emerge, one in particular has people stunned.

A video has emerged showing Stallions on the CMU sidelines wearing recording sun glasses. Take a look:

This situation just keeps getting more bizarre and all signs seem to point to Michigan have an elaborate sign-stealing operation spearheaded by Stalions.


Earlier this week, it was reported that the Michigan Wolverines football program pulled their contract extension offer off the table for Jim Harbaugh in the wake of this investigation.

The Wolverines (8-0) are the No. 2 ranked team in College Football and will host the Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.