Deion Sanders Says He’s ‘Not Built’ To Coach NFL Team, Drops Hint On Whether His Son Will Enter ’24 Draft

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and was asked about leaving college football for an NFL head coaching job.

Coach Prime says he’s not ‘built’ for the NFL because he’d get too frustrated by certain players’ lack of passion for the game.

“No. Not once ever. I don’t think I’m built for the NFL. “I appreciate the game so much and I respect what the game has consistently done for me for a multitude of years. When I see a guy getting paid millions of dollars and he has no respect for the game, I’m going to have a true problem.

I’m the type of coach to go out there with 53 [players] and come back after halftime with about 32. I’m too brutally honest and I want to win that much. I need everyone that respects the game. Often times, money clouds that judgement. It’s happening in college football. Money clouds that love and passion for the game.”

Sanders was then asked if he’d consider making the jump to the pros in 2024 if it was a package deal with his sons Shedeur (QB) and Shilo (CB).

“They’re going to come out [for the NFL Draft] at the same time—next year,” he replied. “They’re not trying to leave daddy this year by the way.”

Here’s the clip:


The Buffaloes season has fizzled out after a hot start, as they sit at 4-5. Despite that, Sanders has been awesome, throwing for 2,882 yards, 24 touchdowns and just two interceptions while completing 70.1 percent of his passes and rushing for three touchdowns.

Colorado will host No. 24 Arizona on Saturday at 2 p.m. as they try to claw their way into bowl eligibility.