Utah State QB Levi Williams Leaving School Early To Enter Navy SEAL Training

Utah State QB Levi Williams is leaving school early and forgoing his senior season in 2024 and it’s not because he’s going to the NFL.

Williams revealed in a radio interview Monday that he will be be applying for Navy SEAL training after the season with the hope of becoming a SEAL in 2025.

“It’s something that took a lot of thought and consideration,” Williams said on KSL 97.5. “I love football and it’s so great but I knew that eventually it was going to come to an end. And just based with the timeline with the training and stuff, it just kind of works out perfectly that it ends this year. My mom, she was Army. My grandparents, they were Navy and Army, so it kind of runs in the family. I just want to be in a spot where I can protect this great country where we get to play football.”

Williams added that he’s going to take his physical test to qualify for SEAL training after the season and feels confident he will score enough to qualify. The test will include pushups, sit-ups, swimming and a 1.5-mile run:

“It’s a really competitive selection process, you have to create a really great resume, two awesome letters of reference and then you have to do a PST, which is like the physical standard test for aspiring SEALs. So I’ve been training for that, I’ve got a score that’s in a really good spot. I’ll probably take it one more time just to try to get the best score I possibly can.”

Williams started his collegiate career at Wyoming and played three seasons with the Cowboys before transferring to Utah State.


You can listen to Levi Williams’ radio interview here.