Ryan Shazier’s Wife Exposes Her Husband For Cheating On Her In Shocking Instagram Post

Ryan Shazier was one of the most unfortunately turned heartwarming stories the NFL had ever seen, which has just turned sour.

The promising young linebacker’s NFL career came to a halt in 2017 when he suffered a major neck injury during a game, leaving him paralyzed from that area, down.

Against all odds, Shazier attacked rehab and was able to regain not only feeling, but use of his legs.

Five years later and Shazier is being painted in a different light, with his wife who stood by his side exposing him for reportedly cheating on her with another woman.


The 31-year-old reportedly left messages up on his laptop that even included Shazier sending the mistress R-rated books to purchase.

The only caveat here is that Shazier and his wife were not living together at the time of the reported affair, but we will not speculate on the issues between him and his wife.