Tyreek Hill To Pay Salary Of Photographer Suspended By NFL For Cell Phone Celebration

Tyreek Hill’s viral touchdown celebration from earlier this season ended up costing videographer Kevin Fitzgibbons his job, but Tyreek Hill is making sure to do right by him.

“I told him I was gonna cover his salary, whatever the NFL was gonna pay him. I told him I was going to make sure that I do what’s right and take care of (Fitzgibbons). “Make sure you’re not out of a job.”

During the Miami Dolphins’ 42-21 win over the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 15, Hill celebrated his 41-yard touchdown by grabbing Fitzgibbon’s cellphone and recording himself doing a backflip.

Fitzgibbons, a 20-year-old University of Miami student who says he’s been working Dolphins games since last year, released a video on Monday explaining that the NFL revoked his credentials for the remainder of the season and “possibly for good” because he had to be “disciplined” for his role.


“One of the best moments of my life turned upside-down in a matter of seconds,” Fitzgibbons said in the video.

Hill told reporters on Thursday that he attempted to get the NFL to reverse its decision, but the league refused. Hill said he’s been in contact with Fitzgibbons and he plans to continue working with him.

“I told him, ‘Don’t let this get to you, man. Like, just hold your head up,'” Hill said. “‘You’re still young, continue to do what you love.'”

Hill and the Dolphins improved to 8-3 by defeating the New York Jets in the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game last week. They will be seeking their third straight victory when they take on the Washington Commanders (4-8) on Sunday.