Sean McDermott Used 9/11 Terrorists As An Example Of Teamwork During 2021 Team Meeting

The Buffalo Bills are currently 6-6 and head coach Sean McDermott is going to need to rally his guys if they are going to make the playoffs as the Bills are set to play the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys in back-to-back weeks.

Whatever McDermott’s approach is, hopefully it’s different than the approach he had during training camp in 2021.

In a recent piece by Ty Dunne, the Buffalo Bills head coach referenced the 9/11 hijackers as an example of teamwork when trying to motivate his guys during training camp in 2021.

McDermott allegedly described the hijackers of the terrorist attack as a group of men able to get on the same page and perfectly coordinate an attack.


McDermott has not commented on the story that Dunne says seven sources can confirm.

Three of Buffalo’s last five games of the season are against teams at .500 or better.