REPORT: Jaguars Ask FanDuel To Reimburse Them For $20 Million That Ex-Employee Stole For Gambling

The Jacksonville Jaguars have asked gambling company FanDuel to reimburse them or some of the approximately $20 million in stolen money a former employee lost on the suite, but the company rejected the request.

Amit Patel, a finance manager, pled guilty to stealing $22 million through a virtual credit card system the Jaguars used for expenses. According to ESPN, approximately $20 million of the funds were lost on daily fantasy and sports gambling at FanDuel, which had assigned him a VIP host. He lost about $1 million on DraftKings, ESPN added.

Per ESPN’s report:

The source familiar with the situation said discussions are ongoing among FanDuel, the Jaguars and the NFL on what the source called “a settlement.” However, the source said, “The way they see it … we got this money fair and clear. It’s not our problem that we have to forfeit it back to you.”

“I would be gobsmacked if it happened,” the source added.

Patel stole the funds over a 3 1/2 year period, per court documents. In December, he pleaded guilty to fraud charges in federal court and faces up to 30 years in prison and a $500,000 fine when he is sentenced on March 12th.


ESPN says FanDuel alerted the NFL to Patel’s betting in January of 2023 after he placed traditional sports bets in Tennessee:

Sources said FanDuel alerted the NFL to Patel’s betting in January 2023 after he placed traditional sports bets in Tennessee. The amounts and types of wagers that triggered the investigation are unknown. The Jaguars had no knowledge of the embezzlement scheme or Patel’s extensive daily fantasy habit until they were notified by the NFL, team and league sources said.

It remains to be seen if the Jaguars and FanDuel will find common ground over this issue.