Former NFL Executive Thinks Russell Wilson Should Join The New York Jets

Russell Wilson’s time with the Denver Broncos seems to be over, which opens the door for the veteran quarterback to find a new home for 2024. Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum thinks Wilson would be a great fit for his former team, the Jets.

During Monday’s Get Up, Tannenbaum called the Jets a “great fit” for Wilson, which got a hilarious reaction from the rest of the panel on the set.

“Pay him $1 million and let him resurrect his career,” Tannenbaum said.

“If you’re Russell Wilson…where else is he gonna go? He has to resurrect his career,” Tannenbaum said. “So, if you have to sit for a year, why not sit behind one of the greatest of all time and then be a free agent again?”


Here’s the clip:

Tannebaum’s main point seems to be that the 36-year-old will likely have to accept a backup quarterback role for at least one year. But that might not be the case. Several teams including the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers could be in the market for a veteran quarterback to come in and compete for the starting job.

The Jets have their own QB1 – Aaron Rodgers – returning from injury.