Chad Johnson Says Little Birdie Told Him Russell Wilson Will Play For Steelers Next Season

The Russell Wilson trade was a disaster for the Denver Broncos, but hindsight in 20/20 and at the time, the move seemed like a perfect combination of a team finding the missing piece needed for a Super Bowl run.

Despite a horrid first year, Wilson’s stats in his second year weren’t all that bad, but the 35-year-old simply didn’t fit Sean Payton’s scheme. With both parties left with no choice but to part ways, Wilson will be on a new team next season, and Chad Johnson says he knows which one that will be.

The former NFL star WR says that a little birdie told him that Wilson will be joining the Steelers this offseason.

Despite making the playoffs, Pittsburgh is heading into the offseason with questions of their own at QB, with neither Mason Rudolph or Kenny Pickett cementing themselves as starters in the NFL.