Jason Kelce Got Permission From Nick Foles’ Wife To Mention His Private Parts During Retirement Speech

Jason Kelce’s retirement speech on Monday was an emotional one but there was also some comic relief in there.

While discussing the Eagles’ Super Bowl run in 2017, Kelce credited Foles for having some big cojones after he went up to Doug Pederson to run the “Philly Special” before the end of the first half. The successful play-call ended up being the biggest play of the game.

“I won’t forget Nick Foles having the biggest game of his life, on the biggest stage possible, and the biggest d–k on the team, going up to Doug Pederson, and asking for the Philly Special,” Kelce said.

On the latest episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Kelce revealed that he actually asked Foles’ wife if it’s OK for him to make those remarks. 


Fortunately for Kelce, he got a thumbs-up from Foles’ wife. 

“I texted Nick to make sure he was OK with it. He was like, ‘Yeah, you can tell everyone.’ But the surprising one was when he said, ‘I asked Tori,’ his wife, and Tori gave the OK. That was the surprising part.” 

Kelce will go down as one of the greatest centers of all-time and a spot in Canton awaits him.