Caleb Williams Claps Back After He Was Mocked For Pink Nail Polish And Lip Gloss

Last Monday, Caleb Williams was spotted at at the women’s NCAA Tournament but what caught people’s attention was the fact that the soon-to-be No. 1 overall pick was holding a pink phone case, pink wallet and allegedly wearing pink lip gloss.

The video went viral as many began to clown Williams for his attire.

The uproar, jokes and overall trolling led to Williams clapping back at his haters.

In a video posted to social media, the quarterback showed off his now unpainted nails and told his haters his lips are, in fact, pink, and “your girl loves ’em.”


Williams had previously explained that he paints his nails to honor. his mother, who has worked as a nail technician for his entire life.

“It started, I would say, three years ago,” Williams told USC legend Matt Leinart in an interview. “It was my last year of high school. My mom does nails. Let’s just start it off there. She’s done it my whole life. It’s just kind of always been around me. Nobody else does it. I just kinda like to do new things.”

Two seasons ago, Williams infamously painted the words “F— Utah” on his nails for the Pac-12 Championship, which the Trojans lost 47-24.

It’s clear that while the noise surrounding Caleb is only growing, it appears that future Chicago Bear could careless.