Tom Brady Predicted That Stefon Diggs Would Be Traded Years Ago

The trade of Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans had many people surprised. Not many believed that the Bills would trade their best wide receiver while they are trying to win-now with Josh Allen.

But Tom Brady is not of those many people.

In fact, back in June of 2022, Brady teamed up with Aaron Rodgers to golf against Allen and Patrick Mahomes in The Match. He joked with Rodgers and Mahomes about their best wide receivers – Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill – leaving them and issued a warning to Allen.

“Who caught Aaron? Davante [Adams] left him, and Tyreek [Hill] left you, Patrick. Josh, don’t worry. Someone’s going to leave you, too,” Brady said.


Here’s the clip: