REPORT: Bills Would Trade Stefon Diggs To Any Team Except The Kansas City Chiefs

When the Buffalo Bills decide to move Stefon Diggs, they were willing to make deal with every NFL team except the.. Kansas City Chiefs.

According to former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, Diggs was allowed to seek a trade with anyone but the Bills rival. 

“From what I do know, he was allowed to seek a trade from anybody in the league, except the Kansas City Chiefs,” Simms said on “PFT Live” Thursday. “That’s what I’ve been told by multiple people. He was allowed to do that. The Chiefs were the only team they weren’t going to trade [to].”

It’s clear based on the trade return and the amount of dead money the Buffalo Bills have to eat, they wanted to trade Stefon Diggs but not to the Kansas City Chiefs.


It’s not clear if the Chiefs even tried to contact Buffalo about a possible deal, but if they did, it sounds like the Bills didn’t even answer the phone.