The New Uniforms For The Detroit Lions Leak Online (PICS)

The folks over at Fanatics have had quite the rough start to 2024 with the MLB uniforms debacle, and it’s not getting any better.

The Detroit Lions are one of the many teams slated to unveil new uniforms this offseason, but they’ve had their release spoiled after the sportswear giant accidentally posted images of the new threads ahead of their official launch.

The webpage that contained the uniforms has since been removed from the website, but the damage has been done and the images of the new unis are below.

The team has clearly gone for a clean, modern take on their throwbacks, with white and blue primary tops, along with a black alternate.


Seemingly gone are the grey alternate monstrosities of previous years, but it remains to be seen what the pants and helmet will look like. At least Fantatics didn’t ruin everything.