Former NFL QB Ryan Leaf Accuses Jay Glazer Of Being A ‘Con-Man’

Jay Glazer is one of the best at breaking NFL stories for FOX. The prominent NFL insider has recently been incredibly open about his mental health issues, as he battles anxiety and depression.

But one former NFL quarterback thinks Glazer is full of sh-t.

Former NFL Draft bust Ryan Leaf, who has become a motivational speaker, who openly speaks about his battle with addiction and spending time in prison, is calling Glazer out on social media.

“Glazer is a fraud when it comes to anything mental health or wellness related. He uses it for his benefit and really isn’t invested in any of it unless it benefits him and his brand. Phelps is an inspiration but it gives me pause that he muddies his mind with that con man,” he wrote on social media.


Leaf’s comments came in response to Michael Phelps opening up about how Glazer has helped him.

Glazer, who recently got married, will surely have a response for Leaf.