Gisele Bundchen Break Up With Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Was Due To Tom Brady’s ‘Roast’

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her boyfriend Joaqium Valente have reportedly broken up and the reason has is due to Gisele’s ex-husband, Tom Brady’s Netflix ‘Roast.’

“The spotlight was too much for him,” a source first told Mark McGarry of In Touch Weekly. “Joaquim’s a regular guy. He’s not used to all the attention he was getting.”

The source then went on to allude to the roast causing problems: “Joaquim became part of the joke. People actually started asking him if he was the reason for their divorce. He hated that.”

The Roast of Tom Brady” first aired on Netflix on May 5. Numerous people roasting Brady referenced his recent divorce and Gisele’s boyfriend.


McGarry noted that Valente hasn’t been seen at Bündchen’s Florida home since April 26.

“She blames the break on Tom,” the source told McGarry. “By agreeing to do the roast, he basically put a target on Joaquim’s back.”

Brady and Bündchen were married for 13-and-a-half years before finalizing their divorce in Oct. 2022. Bündchen began dating Valente, her jiu-jitsu instructor, in June 2023.

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