Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Matt Stafford’s Wife, Kelly, For Revealing She Hooked Up With His Backup

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, made headlines this week after sharing a controversial story about the early days of their relationship at the University of Georgia.

The couple met during college and while the two are happily married, the two had their fair share of issues early on. In fact, Kelly admitted during a podcast episode earlier this week that, in order to make Matthew jealous, she decided to date his backup at one point.

The story caused quite a stir and led to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to share his two cents on the decision for Kelly to share this embarrassing information about the relationship.

“If you’re Mrs. Stafford, what could possibly make you think that it is okay for you to go home after revealing to the public that I kicked it with his backup? What possible advantage could you peel from that, with a husband of yours who you have four kids with? 


“I would never disrespect Matthew Stafford’s wife or anybody else’s wife… What would make you think that’s okay? Why would you do that?” 

Here’s the clip:

A lot of people agreed with Stephen A’s assessment.