Adam Gase Doesn’t Care About Fans Criticizing Him Because “He’s Rich As F–k”

The New York Jets are in the midst of yet another losing season that included two loses to winless teams — the Bengals and Dolphins.

But despite that, their head coach Adam Gase is not too overly concerned.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Gase has responded to criticism this year by telling people, “I’m rich as f-ck”

The Daily News has learned that the embattled head coach has privately told people for months that Gang Green diehards have never mattered to him.

“I’m rich as f–k” has become Gase’s go-to line since taking over 11 months ago, according to sources. Gase has repeatedly said it to anyone that mentions the avalanche of criticism this year. It has become his defense mechanism.

In addition to not caring about what the fanbase thinks, the report also states that many people in the Jets organization believe that Gase or a family member has a burner Twitter account to “monitor what is being said about him.”

Gase has privately made it clear that getting a second head coaching contract has emboldened him, a fear that many had when he got another gig so quickly after the Dolphins fired him. He hasn’t been humbled in any way, according to people around him.

Gase is 29-35 in four seasons as a head coach in the NFL and has lost 26 games by double digits.

Earlier this season, Jets owner Christopher Johnson said that Adam Gase would return in 2020.