Antonio Brown Would Lose Out On $30 Million If He Retires And Doesn’t Play A Game For Raiders

On Friday, reports surfaced about Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown threatening to retire from football because the league refused to allow him to wear a helmet that they deemed discontinued.

The news came on the cusp of additional reports that Brown had suffered severe frostbites from not wearing proper footwear due to not wearing the right footwear in a cryogenic chamber and going AWOL on the team.

But despite that, the most bizarre report regarding Brown was the fact that he was actually this upset about a helmet, that he was willing to retire from football.


What makes it even more crazy is the fact that if Brown retires without playing a game for the Oakland Raiders, he would be losing out on an insane amount of money:

If the Raiders want to play hardball with AB, they can issue a “five day letter”, which would mandate Brown to return to the team within five days or face the consequences.

They could shut him down for the entire 2019 season and avoid paying him the $14.5 million he’d be owed.

The Raiders don’t seem to want to do that at this moment and are hoping they get the AB that hauled in nearly 1,300 yards to go along with 15 touchdowns last season.

The next few episodes of HBO’s Hard Knocks are going to be record-breaking.