Bill Belichick’s Take On Social Media Is Amazingly Spot On

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick hate for social media is well documented.

During the HBO documentary that was released on Tuesday involving the Patriots head coach and Alabama coach Nick Saban, Belichick perfectly explained his disdain of social media with this perfect take on it:

“I hate social media, We get rid of it whenever we can, do things [where] you don’t bring your phone, you just have a conversation, [and] look the other person in the eye instead of texting back and forth. But it’s the way of the world. I know you guys [in college coaching] deal with it more than we do.”

“Who cares how many ‘likes’ you get from 2,000 people you don’t even know, There’s 53 guys in the locker room. Those are the 53 that matter, and I don’t know if that always gets through or not. But we keep pounding away, keep trying.”

“It still comes back to fundamental relationships and communication, There’s no cell phones out there on the field. You better know what your teammates doing, he better know what you’re doing, or you’re gonna get beat.”

There’s a reason why he’s considered the greatest sports coach in history.