Clip Emerges Of Odell Beckham Jr. Allegedly Telling Jimmy G That He’s Open To Playing For The 49ers

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that Odell Beckham Jr. does not want to be in Cleveland.

On Sunday, a report surfaced from Jay Glazer that Beckham had reportedly told players and coaches of others teams to “come get me” out of Cleveland.

On Monday, Charles Robinson confirmed that report and pointed out that Beckham had told at least one opposing team to come get him in October. The Browns faced the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers.

Well, social media dug up this clip from the Browns game against the 49ers of Odell Beckham having a conversation with Jimmy Garoppolo.

You can’t catch what Odell is telling Jimmy G but the 49ers quarterback had an interesting response to whatever Beckham was saying:

Whatever Beckham said, Jimmy G responded by saying, “I got room for you, I gotcha. I know.”